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“Self Defence” as I see it

Don't be a victim!

I'm often sceptical of walking late at night and for many women that fear of being attacked or even worse, being raped is at the forefront of their minds.

Learning a few key self-defence skills has helped me to deal with these concerns and boost my confidence.

The importance of self-defence to me is to be able to defend yourself and others from harm in any situation. Knowing that you may have to make quick decisions unexpectedly and react promptly to dangerous situations, presents an uncertainty that having knowledge of self-defence can help to alleviate.

There is a common bias that those who set out to harm their victims are always men, however there have been cases where women have been the attackers too. Therefore self-defence training to me is a skill that everyone should have regardless of gender or age. A real advantage being it doesn’t matter who you are up against, as you are capable of defending yourself.

Self Defence classes teach skills that will increase your confidence, improve your strength, agility, speed and power in a fun learning environment.

Further benefits include entering a lifestyle of being fit and healthy whilst enjoying it...

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