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5 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health "your 5 A Day!"

Last week was mental health day 10th October. Patrick ran a few sessions in White Hart Lane, home to Tottenham Football Club, raising awareness on how physical exercise can positively affect our Mental health.

' Mental health is about the way you think and feel and your ability to deal with ups and downs. '

Scientific evidence points to five steps that we can take to improve our emotional well being for a happier more positive life.

Your 5 A-Day?

1. Keep Learning

Learning new skills can give you a sense of achievement and new confidence.

2. Connect

Connect with people around you and spend time developing positive relationships.

3. Be Active

Take a walk, go cycling or try a boxing class. Find an activity you enjoy and make it part of your life.

4. Take Notice

Be more aware of the present moment - especially your feelings and thoughts.

5. Give

Whether its a smile or a thank you or larger acts like volunteering can improve your own emotional welling and help you build your social networks.

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