7 easy strategies to motivate your students!

October 12, 2015

Students lacking interest and motivation is a big problem! 

One that affects their knowledge, how they learn and their test results

However, if students clearly see how their work connects to their goals, interests, and concerns, they will be more likely to value it, and thus more motivated to invest time and effort.


7 Strategies:

  • Clearly articulate learning goals.

  • Show relevance to students’ academic lives.

  • Demonstrate relevance to students’ professional lives.

  • Highlight real-world applications of knowledge and skills.

  • Connect to students’ personal interests.

  • Allow students some degree of choice.

  • Show your own passion and enthusiasm.



AboveBoxing® deliver intervention sessions that provide students with personal development activities.


For a Free 10min Consultation please email us today -info@aboveboxing.co.uk



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