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Quality personal training in london! 

Get Fitter, Stronger & Toned!

(Get in shape in time for a special occasion)

Burn FAT / TONE UP arms, abs/ stomach, legs,

Train for an upcoming event 10k run/ Obstacle course etc,

Train for Boxing match/ Self-defence or sport event

Train to avoid health problems, illness, GP obesity/disease!​​


Whether the goal is to learn to box/ self defence, lose weight or to gain some muscle

with my skills and your desire to improve, we can work together to reach your goals quicker.

RESULTS you can expect:

Improved upper body, core or lower body strength

Improved body image ( more defined; muscle tone/ core abs)

All equipment is provided.

1st session is currently only £45

Limited Availability - Avoid Disappointment

Book Now to secure your dates

You do not need a Paypal account to pay, when you click "Buy Now" you will be taken to the Paypal login screen.
Where you can continue as a guest user and "Pay with your debit or credit card"
Payment is non refundable, ID may be required for security reasons.

Upon receipt of payment, you will be contacted

to assess your needs and arrange your first session.

Got a question before you pay?

Text or call: 07950 891314

"Patrick is a great trainer and motivator. 


He is really passionate about getting the best out of people and this is clear to see; as he supports and pushes people to achieve their best results!


He also has the ability to keep calm during frantic situations, mediate and settle disputes in very challenging enviroments.


I would highly recommend him as a coach"  

Tan, Arsenal Coach 


Some Feedback

What you get from Patrick is honesty, motivation and a safe and expertly supervised workout. You also get a good laugh and if you're up for it, the toughest workout you can take!


Which makes you look forward to the next session, even if you feel like giving up he's there to encourage you and keep you going,


Soji Adebola

Patrick is an expert trainer who really cares about your progresion. He loves what he does and he is really good at it!

The sessions where worth every penny and I felt great after every session!

You won't regret it.


Thank you


Sarah Jones

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