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Fun Boxing & Circuit Boot Camp Training


Our Boxing & Circuit training develops a strong toned body, mind & unshakable confidence. 


Key Benefits:

Get Fit, Toned, Box, De-stress, & feel Good!

Builds muscular strength and endurance -

Hones speed, agility and coordination

  Enhances determination, focus and patience, 

 Helps express and relieve stress

Experience our instructor led training sessions 
We are focused on delivering the quality private sessions! 
Mixed gender and mixed abilities, all fitness levels and abilities are welcome.


Contact us with your needs & availability


Location: Harold Centre 170 Harold Rd, E13 0SE


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Feedback we’ve collected up to date state that AboveBoxing training has a number of benefits;  it’s a great way to tone up, learn new skills, build strength, have the 'feel good factor'!


"I think AboveBoxing is such a great class because the trainers here really care about you as a customer.

They really want you to come and workout and have fun.


AboveBoxing is great because of the customer service and the way you feel like you are part of a family.


You will not be coddled and there is no slacking but they also won't scream at you or make you feel stupid.


The trainers were able to give everyone individual attention, the encouragement and motivation is always there!  They will make sure that you are pushed to your limit and then a little further.

You end up leaving with their slogans in your head “Hard work is easy work”, “Fitness is Key” "Shade Soetan


                                         AboveBoxing® - Socialise, Exercise & Feel Revitalised™

Session Preview: