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We use the skills from Boxing and other competitive sports to help our clients live fitter more confident lives. We focus on these six key areas of training


Training for speed allows you to have quicker reactions, more explosive punches and improved speed with which you move your feet in & out of range.


Physical strength helps a boxers generate powerful punches in the ring, it also helps them defend /hold their ground when under pressure.


Timing is at the core of a boxer’s ability. Speed and timing equals power. Training the hands, eyes and feet to work in sync will improve timing.


The distance of a title fight is 12 x 3 minute rounds. Having a strong cardiovascular system (engine) to last the distance is vital. Rhythm, pace, endurance & composure are key.


The art of boxing is to hit and not be hit. A boxer’s footwork and agility is important for tatical movement, balance and power.


To climb through those ropes takes courage, confidence, composure, determination, desire and more more! With coaching you can develop a mental toughness and health.

This is the most important asset to becoming a champion in the sport and in life!

 Free ab workout routine: 

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